Lillian Hepler’s “Easy” Is An Honest, Unassuming Take on Heartbreak

Rachael Jansky

Heartbreak is never easy to overcome, especially when it feels like you’re the only one hurting. The inequity of pain can be difficult to face, making you question what is wrong with you and why the other person moved on so effortlessly.

In her latest single “Easy,” Lillian Hepler navigates this complicated experience while learning to regain her independence. It takes a unique kind of songwriter to convey the strength and emotion that Hepler achieves in “Easy.” Her writing flows naturally, yet reaches a level of introspection and honesty that can be uncomfortable to divulge. What starts as a slow, sad song about heartbreak transitions into a powerful anthem about finding yourself again after getting your heart broken. Not only is Hepler a natural in regards to her songwriting and music, but has developed an expertise over her social media. After her cover of a Lewis Capaldi song went viral on Tik Tok, Hepler quickly gained a dedicated following due to her powerful vocals and relatable songwriting. Hepler’s gift for connecting with others through her music is special, making her success as an artist no surprise.

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