Lily Forte Returns with Her Heart Wrenching Single “I Can’t Say I Hate You”

Olive Soki

Born in Florida, now based in sunny Los Angeles, Lily Forte has years of musical experience under her belt. From taking on the saxophone in her youth, to composing her own music in her early teens and stepping foot in the recording studio when she was eighteen, Lily’s ambitious spirit and sheer love for music have never ceased to push her forward. With her latest singles – which were received quite graciously – (“Bottle Blondes” and “Reminisce on Innocence”) just about a year old, it seems more than fitting for her to reemerge into the light with something new for her fans to chew‌ on.

Written when she was just 18, yet performed with the romantic sensibility only a 20-something could conjure, “I Can’t Say I Hate You” showcases Lily’s best influences and individualistic flares. A tasteful combination of poetic lyricism and Winehouse-esque vocals, and subtle spite, “I Can’t Say I Hate You” perfectly illustrates the nuances of post-heartbreak love/hate haze. Embellished with enticing la la las and a complementary voicemail, “I Can’t Say I Hate You” is simply a gift that keeps on giving.

In the spirit of tying the bow and celebrating her new release, Lily will be playing a show at the Moroccan Lounge May 1st. A performance that will surely see her bring “I Can’t Say I Hate You” to even greater heights.

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