Lily Forte Emulates Rock N Roll Roots on new single “Lifeline”

Ben Wego

Masterfully intertwining rock 'n roll and bluesy electric, Florida native and now LA-based indie singer Lily Forte steps into new territory with her latest single, "Lifeline." Her former releases “Reminisce on Innocence,” “Bottle Blondes,” and “I Can't Say I Hate You” are prime examples of her incredible songwriting abilities enriched with nostalgic lyricism and infectious hooks. “Lifeline” shines with those qualities while revealing a more mature, explorative side to Forte’s growing discography. She delves into her own individuality, as an artist and as a person: “If I could really speak my mind / I wouldn't have a crowd behind me / Cause the come downs always so much better / Than the high.” 

The production on "Lifeline" is spellbinding - heart thumping drums and bass blasting, Forte describes the song as “a fierce ode to rock n' roll, growing from a somber confession to a cinematic outcry.” The indie singer is no stranger to exploring themes of nostalgia and heartbreak through rebellious terrain, breaking the boundaries of conventional pop with vocals smooth like cherry wine embodying the soulful range of artists like Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, and Lana Del Rey

Forte closes “Lifeline” with a memorable line searching for meaning in her journey as an artist, looking to those who have come before her for inspiration; the ones who were able to manifest their dreams into a reality, most of them unfortunately gone way too soon. “I do it for the thrill, for the risk / For the tattoos on my wrist / For the ones who tried /For the ones who never said goodbye / They came before me / They've done this before I'm not alone anymore.” Forte finds solace in knowing the ones who came before her were able to manifest their dreams into a reality but acknowledges the price that this triumph comes with. 

“Lifeline” releases alongside a music video shot in the heart of LA where Forte channels her vintage rock 'n roll roots with the backdrop of Hollywood. The singer will be performing a live debut of the song at her festival slot at Surf Rodeo in Ventura, CA the day after its release on July 6th.

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