Minke’s New Single Will Be Your “Favorite Part” of Your Day

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Lucia Garcia

On her newest single, London-born musician Minke is careful not to overwhelm. The production on “Favorite Part” feels to be on the verge of bursting into a euphoric blister, but is able to restrain itself; the synths swell as the song builds, but they never reach the point of throbbing. The track is better for it - there is a tranquil assuredness resonating throughout, from Minke’s effortlessly soothing vocals to her considered songwriting. Beneath the surface is an unwavering faith in the magic one finds in daily life, brimming with hope for what is and what will be. When the noise gets to be too much, Minke can bring you back to equilibrium with her perspective. Of all her gifts, this may be her most prestigious. 

“Favorite Part” arrives as Minke’s second release of 2024, following the much more melancholy but similarly magnetic “Happier Than Me.” Both tracks reflect the struggles and lessons she has learned since her debut project The Tearoom, oftentimes feeling like “the whole world was screaming” at her. Songwriting has been a practice in perseverance for Minke, who’s honest and forthright lyrics create strong ties with a listener no matter how many times they have heard her voice. With her latest, Minke offers comfort, understanding, and solace, all while selfless in her purpose.

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