LZRD and Sam Tinnesz Tackle Heartbreak with "When We Love"

Perry Avgerinos

After almost a full year without live shows under our belts, the EDM community has arguable suffered the hardest – but things are looking hopeful for the dance community to make a massive resurgence, hopefully sooner than we think. Having rocked stages at Lollapalooza, Moonrise, and colleges across the country – Keenan Haan, known by his stage name LZRD, begins his favorable 2021 comeback with his new single "When We Love."

Borrowing the vocal talents of Sam Tinnesz, who was a featured artist on Kygo's 2020 album Golden Hour, the two combine forces for an optimistic take on heartbreak. The track gradual builds in energy throughout, beginning with intimate, bare guitars, with light percussive drums, only to meet an explosive, bright super saw drop. A lethal addition to a live set performance, I can see the crowd now – half crying, half ecstatic out of their minds, consumed by the stimulus overload ravers miss dearly.

Although dance music isn't quite the same without live shows, the emotion dance production and the right vocalist can evoke is inescapable, and LZRD and Sam accomplished this. Looking forward to more singles, and his cold-blooded sets to start to make appearances in the months to come. Listen below.

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