Fiji Blue Convinces Listeners Why "It Takes Two" in Latest Single

Ian Tsang

Genre bending duo Fiji Blue, comprised of Trevor Dering and Valentin Fritz, release their highly anticipated single “It Takes Two” off their forthcoming six song, six video EP. Their self proclaimed “sad boy chill house” genre seamlessly blends chill beats & lyrics with R&B influences for a final product reminiscent of mellow dance music. Pioneering their “genre-less” sound puts them in a league of their own – leaving them as yet another rising gem whose talent still waits to be discovered on a mainstream level.

“What if I wake up happy, and what if I wake up sad,

Sorry if I said something, something that made you mad.

Wishing that I call you, sorry my service is bad,

My bad.”

While their career is still in its early stages, their 8-track discography has propelled them to the musical forefront. Songs such as “Butterflies,” “Waves,” and “Space Makes Me Sad” showcase elegant music production with vulnerability – both of which unlock the doors to their millions of listeners. Their ability to write sad (yet hopeful) lyrics, combined with upbeat lofi-type beats and real instrumentation, have been the key drivers for their early success. “It Takes Two” serves as a reminder that their unique sound – which fans have come to love – carries over to the new year. Fans won’t have to wait long, as their newest project will see its release sometime in 2021. Six songs, six videos, get ready.

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