Niiko X SWAE Are Ready for Clubs to Reopen with New Single “I Ain’t Going Home”

Joe DelloStritto

LA-based electronic duo Niiko x SWAE are back with another patented high-energy banger that’ll get you on the dance floor. Teaming up with vocalist April Bender, they dropped “I Ain’t Going Home,” which serves as the first single off their upcoming four-track EP, Field Trip.

Conveying a timeless story about the freedom that comes with independence, Niiko x SWAE crafted a fervent track, with euphoric trumpets and heavy bass accompanying each and every drop. April Bender compliments the burly composition with her loaded, crisp vocal performance. While April hollers “I ain’t going home with you,” you’ll find yourself repeating it along with her, sweating, in the middle of a jam-packed club (ah, post Covid-19 thoughts).

The message behind the song is just as powerful as the music itself, with Niiko x SWAE explaining how “I Ain’t Going Home” is about “realizing that you are so much better than the person who has been trying to mess with your heart.” The production is busy and involved, yet clean and diligent. Bender’s vocals are friendly and inviting, yet powerful and commanding. Get your dancing shoes on and prepare to feel free once again, because our good friends Niiko x SWAE aren’t messing around with this one.

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