Freddie’s Finds, Volume 44: Best New Music of the Week

Freddie Fine
Logan Wildermuth

After a long hiatus while I finished my school semester, Freddie’s Finds is back and better than ever – and what better timing to do so than with a stacked lineup of releases from last week, including Buppy., FIG, and Johnny Yukon.

“park city, utah” by Buppy.

Buppy. is not one to slow down – ever. Coming off a west coast tour, which culminated in an appearance at the most recent Sheesh Showcase, he shared his second single of the year in “park city, utah.” In a message shared on his Instagram, Buppy. wrote, “i grew up in a small town in utah called park city. my childhood was a clusterfuck. is that the right word? i think so.” This ode to his hometown materializes as his most vulnerable track yet, opening up about the part of his life that he hides the most as he touches on his relationship with his father, bullying, and self esteem struggles. Co-production from Buppy. himself and Nick Axel Kauffman brings a familiar yet increasingly advanced sound to Buppy.’s vocals, a sign of what is to come as he continues to build towards his sophomore EP names&places, expected later this year.

“Seeking For Connection” by FIG

FIG emerged as one of my favorite new artists last year, becoming captivated by her youthful energy and infectious melodies. Now, 7 months after her debut project BUD, she has graciously returned with “Seeking For Connection,” epitomizing every aspect that made her a must listen. With a beautifully told story through a Noah Keckler directed music video, FIG is seen following a tin can phone string as she yearns for someone to be on the other side, yet ultimately realizing that there is no one there. Speaking on the meaning of the track, FIG shared, “‘Seeking For Connection’ is based on a breakdown that I had in K-Town as I walked down the streets of NYC crying and being frustrated at myself as I struggled to make genuine connections with people.” If “Seeking For Connection” is any sign of what is to come for FIG, expect an even bigger 2023 for the rising artist. 

“Gloria !” by Johnny Yukon

In a week stacked with new music, one release stuck out to me as a favorite from a new artist – “Gloria !” by Johnny Yukon. The ever-growing, genre defying artist arrived with what is already his fourth release of the year, building on the ethereal bounciness he previously displayed. Johnny details a late night party as he plans his “escape” with Gloria, using the party as a metaphor for hole he finds himself in, singing, “Losin' my direction, losin' my belief / I don't see perfection, think it's out of reach / I just hit the bottom, yeah, you don't wanna see / Can't be here forever, it's takin' all of me.” The entirely self produced track brings a funky, techno energy, pairing perfectly with Johnny’s wide ranging vocals. Johnny has been ever-rising since his debut six years ago, and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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