Give a Shoutout To Your Favorite Back Stabber With Seago’s Latest Release “Cheapshot”

Emma Neveux

Maybe you’ve missed his first release, but there’s no way you’re passing next to this one. Not on my watch, just trust me. Have I ever disappointed in the past? (don’t answer, just keep reading, you’re already here anyways)

Seago is back with his second release of his upcoming project Silver with his latest single “Cheapshot,” a single you can dedicate to any lousy person that ever shamelessly betrayed you. I know, not fun memories to have. But that’s why I’m putting Seago on your radar, he’s turning this whole hammy story into a catchy  double-crossing anthem to which you’re just gonna want to blast out and sing along to. Honestly, almost to the point that you’re gonna start to think about this back stabber and laugh about him, cause the cheapness of his shot was close to being ironic.

The track is evoking the vibe of 1970s yacht-rock groups such as Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers, "Cheapshot" brings a modern twist that would fits in perfectly alongside contemporary artists like Remi Wolf and Bakar - Yes, the cool new names going around, so stay aware - With a solid pinch of salt sprinkled on his lyrics, Seago really delivered a well rounded track perfectly balanced between upbeat percussions, catchy vocals and a perfect amount grudge. It’s the song for you to just vibe to all summer long and take the edge off from anything that might rub you the wrong way. 

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