The Barefoot Bandits Continue To Rage on "Wicked Styley"

Riley Furey

Arcy Drive is on track to become the next indie powerhouse. The New York based band first started to play together in an attic, and has had one of the most unique come up stories of recent memory. They released a lot of their music for the first time on Youtube only, and to the surprise of most, this approach went swimmingly. Along with their unique release plan, the band plays all of their shows barefoot because that’s how they’re used to practicing, and there are so many facts like this that set them apart from other bands on the come up right now.

I was lucky enough to catch the band when they toured through Cleveland, and that was when I heard their most recent release for the first time, "Wicked Styley." Arcy Drive has a lean towards emotional surf rock music, but this song deters from the well trodden path and dips into the more free flowing and abrasive rock style. Wicked Styley has been the song that finishes out all of their shows, and considering the release of emotions this song allows when played at full volume; it’s no surprise.

In a year where only a few artists have been able to break through the noise, Arcy Drive has consistently delivered freshness that is only comparable to strawberries in the summer. They recently announced more dates for their tour where you can catch "Wicked Styley" live, as it’s meant to be experienced. Who knows, you might even be able to get a handmade sock puppet for their band if they run out of merch like I did.

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