Money Man Drops ”Blockchain” Fresh Off of Rap’s First Ever Bitcoin Advance

Courtney Fields

Two days prior to dropping off another no miss project with “Blockchain,” Money Man made history. Ghazi Shami, founder of EMPIRE, rap's hottest independent label, and Money teamed up to get Money Man a $1 million advance which was entirely paid in Bitcoin.

Money Man is no stranger to the cryptocurrency world. A little over 3 years ago he bought himself out of a record deal with Cash Money with cash, some of which came from Bitcoin investments. So it’s no surprise in 2021 that he has a 13-track project titled “Blockchain,” which is inspired by cryptocurrencies, and the world blockchain itself is actually a public ledger platform that allows users to digitally distribute and record the history of digital asset (I don’t understand it either, but it’s most notably used with cryptocurrencies).

Now, to the music: “Blockchain” hosts features from Moneybagg Yo, Yung Bleu, and Jackboy and the album is everything you’d imagine it would be. Money Man raps tales of loss, doubt, hustling, and inspiration with his classic slow, steady, almost restrained cadence. Amid his success as an artist and businessman; Money Man reminds us that the simple things like loyalty and trust are lost in this world, and that he really wants nothing more than to be able to depend on others the same way they depend on him on songs like “Numb to the Pain”, “Worthless”, and “Trading Places”. He then flexes his rapping ability throughout the rest of the project, even mixing in some crypto rap on “Blockchain”, he raps “Fuckin’ with the Coinbase Pro, got Zcash/ Fuckin’ with the Robinhood out, got a free bag/ And I’m on the blockchain, burnin’ on blockchain, damn, this shit some octane.”

He’s not only inspiring fans to get involved in the crypto world, rappers like Meek Mill are noticing the history Money Man and Ghazi made this month. Meek posted to his IG story that he wants to follow Money Man’s lead, “Ima get my next record deal paid in bit coin behind @moneyman” said Meek via Instagram. With Meek recently publicly speaking on his grievances with receiving royalties from his label, maybe more artists will follow the bitcoin wave.

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