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monty.pk Exceeds Expectations in 2021 Debut, "motions"

Few artists are as undeniable as Arizona-based monty.pk. The singer, songwriter, and producer first caught listeners’ attention with his debut EP titled 0. The three-song project is a somber self-reflection as monty.pk laid the creative groundwork for what was to come next. His follow up track, “tmb,” is one of the most captivating singles from a new artist in recent memory. “tmb” merges elements of electronic and indie-pop seamlessly while placing a strong emphasis on monty.pk’s songwriting ability. “tmb” left listeners anticipating which direction the artist would move creatively

monty.pk is now back with a new single titled “motions” that exceeds the high expectations left by “tmb.” Similar to his previous work, “motions” sits between genre category and stands out most from monty.pk’s emotive vocal performance and writing. The track is co-produced by MAIKA and monty.pk himself with glitchy electronic elements while still maintaining a traditional pop appeal. The accompanying music video, directed by Keats, is just as engaging and left of center as you would expect.

With only a handful of songs in his discography, it’s clear that monty.pk has no ceilings and massive potential. “motions” is his best single to date while leaving the door wide open for where the artist might go next.


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