“Mood Swings” Shows Why Nick Vyner Is One to Keep an Eye on

Ian Tsang

Nick Vyner’s latest release, "Mood Swing," brings back the nostalgia of SoundCloud artists’ distinct flow. Elegantly flipping his beats, Vyner reminds us why alt-pop is the newfound craze, and why he deserves widespread discovery.

Vyner’s image is “hipster meets SoundCloud rapper,” with a hint of music production in the bedroom - a warm sound which plays in his favor, amassing the most plays in his discography to date. Channeling his unconventional roots in the choir, musical theatre, and the jazz classics, Vyner samples Baby Washington’s “I Can’t Wait Until I See My Baby” before a quick flip of the switch. The visuals show Vyner touring his house party - switching moods as fast as his beats- in a trippy walk through a “day in the life” of the young star.

“I don’t wanna put you out,

But you’ve been ruining the fun.”

Lyrically, Vyner is what we all hope to be: carefree. Nonetheless, he allows listeners to live vicariously through his music taking his audience on a literal walk through his carefree world. Although house parties seem like a thing of the past, Nick Vyner will surely headline future party playlists for years to come. The release of "Mood Swing" is a step forward for the singer who grew up in the local boys choir. Now, he represents Solo Brightest - a small record label collaborated by Flighthouse and 10K Projects. With their backing, Vyner hopes for a long career in the music industry - unless his mood swings, of course.

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