Nate Fenn Takes Talents to Another Level with “Criminal For You”

Ian Hansen
Hailey Joseph

Whenever Connecticut native, Nate Fenn releases new music, I always know my week is going to be that much better. Following his release “Who’s It Gonna Be??,” Fenn comes through with arguably his most dynamic track to date with “Criminal For You,” with a special haste version added to it.

If you are into the likes of Dominic Fike, Verzache, and anybody in that lane, Nate Fenn is the perfect listen. His hooks never fail to miss and the songwriting is true to him. You can hear it in the raw nature of his deliveries and cadence. “Criminal For You” takes us through love with clever wordplay on the things he’d do for his significant other. “I’ll be a criminal for you, tell me what to do, I’ll try to make a move, but imma wait for you,” is one of quite a few relatable lines throughout.

Not only is Fenn masterful with coming up with brilliant hooks, he produces the accompanying instrumental that is unique to him. There is nobody doing it like Fenn right now, and he continues to level up with each release.

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