Nelccia Drops Captivating New Single, “Delusional”

If you’re in need of a song that will bring out all your emotions, look no further than Nelccia’s new single, “Delusional.” Through enchanting vocal melodies, powerful lyricism, and polished production, the Cleveland, Ohio artist delivers an all-around performance on her new release.

The track features hard-hitting, descriptive lyrics like “If I see you out in public with her / I might lose my mind / Sometimes I think about what if I just go ahead and kill you / And I’ma take my time.” Nelccia's natural ability of painting pictures with her words makes "Delusional" — and all of her other songs — undeniably personal, and allows listeners to have a glimpse inside her mind.

Nelccia has only been releasing music since 2020, yet she has already amassed tens of millions of streams — and a large-scale following across social media. This speaks to her one-of-a-kind sound and intuitive understanding of her generation's language of heartbreak.

With her newest drop, “Delusional,” Nelccia has continued building out her already impressive discography. At just 20 years old, the rising artist has an incredibly bright future. Keep an eye on the budding artist — you’re not going to want to miss her rise to the top.

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