Nemahsis Drops Inspiring New Single “dollar signs”

Nate Fenningdorf

With her latest release, rising artist Nemahsis continues to display her rare ability of being able to meld activism and high quality music extremely effectively. While bringing social justice issues into your music can be a daunting task that many artists refrain from doing, Nemahsis takes this challenge head-on.

Through silky vocals, clean production and unapologetic lyrics, Nemahsis delivers a breathtaking performance on “dollar signs.” Further, the gentle acoustic guitar and piano that appear throughout the track add the perfect depth to it.

Although the origins of "dollar signs" stem from 2019, Nemahsis took her time in getting the song right. As she details in the song, “I tried to write this song about two times maybe even three, before I realized I needed to try with someone that looked like me.” Honesty is something that has propelled Nemahsis through the music industry and this trait will continue making her shine through 2022.

After gaining popularity on TikTok, Nemahsis started dropping her own music. The first single she released, called “what if i took it off for you?” detailed her unimaginable experience of not being paid after modeling for a multibillion dollar makeup brand because the brand said it was “more of an opportunity for people of your community.”

“what if i took it off for you?” gained momentum on TikTok as the story behind the lyrics connected with generations of people. The song successfully started a conversation on societal issues that many hijabi women face. “dollar signs” will likely start another invaluable conversation.

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