New Artist FlipFone Breaks The Law in Debut Single, "OUTLAW" [Premiere]

Perry Avgerinos

Today we have the pleasure of debuting the new artist, FlipFone reigning from California. With his first ever release, "OUTLAW," FlipFone brings listeners to a simpler time  – pre social media, and smart phones.

"Imma break the law, break the law, break the law..." From the moment we first heard this demo in our submissions inbox, we couldn't ignore that FlipFone was on to something. Starting off with stabby piano chords in unison with a west-coast production treatment, FlipFone presents an animated vocal performance, full of inflections, personality, and swagger. Cops, watch out, cause FlipFone is giving you a full warning of his intentions to break the law, and we aren't snitches here at Sheesh. Not sure what law he's gonna break, but if writing a song full of clever bars was illegal, then yea FlipFone broke that times 10. With lines like,

"Whatchu talkin bout baby, dripping like syrup,

But this ain't Waffle House baby,

Pockets so heavy, I need two Gucci belts just to keep my pants up,

They like MC Hammer, something that you can't touch."

FlipFone told us, "If early 2000s hip hop had TikTok, it would sound a lot like FlipFone. This is the very first song I’ve ever released, and to top it off I also have another one, “2 Trips” out as well. Also, Kato The Producer, if you’re reading this let’s work! Thank you Sheesh for premiering it, this is actually the dopest feeling in the world."

Launching a project named FlipFone in a TikTok driven world may seem somewhat ironic, but the vintage flow and hip hop influences of the phone's origins, combined with modern production, creates his sound that is equal parts nostalgic, and modern. FlipFone, ironically, could be TikTok's next trend, decide for yourself below.

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