REI AMI Showcases Her Duality on “THAT’S ON YOU!”

Rachael Jansky

REI AMI is an absolute powerhouse. Between her lyrical prowess and captivating musicality, her talent is undeniable. In her most recent release, “THAT’S ON YOU!,” REI AMI’s versatility is put on full display, captivating listeners and keeping everyone on their toes.

“THAT’S ON YOU!” opens with REI AMI’s fiery rapping layered over a subtle production. Sprinkling in sounds of crowds chanting, phones ringing, and a gun being loaded, the production of the track is playful and distinct. Seemingly out of nowhere, the mood of the song completely flips, transitioning into a mellow ballad. REI AMI’s soft, whispered vocals are showcased over a still hip-hop infused, slower production. REI AMI masterfully skates between both pop and hip-hop, curating a sound completely her own while still showcasing her vibrant personality.

The release of “THAT’S ON YOU!” is accompanied by a video directed by Kristen Jan Wong, known for her previous collaborations with artists including Charli XCX and Nasty Cherry. The video is flooded with visual references to vintage western movies as REI AMI takes on the role of the main antagonist with her partner in crime by her side. As the song transitions, the video cuts to a dramatic image of REI AMI in a car, trying to escape from her past mistakes.

Few artists possess the versatility of REI AMI, and even fewer can put it on full display in just under three minutes. Despite the dramatic opposition between the beginning and ending of the song, REI AMI manages to craft a coherent masterpiece with “THAT’S ON YOU!”

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