Heartbreak Is at the Forefront of Nicholas Mick’s Relatable “Fall Apart” With Prentiss

Ian Hansen

If you are going through a breakup and need a song to get you through, Nicholas Mick’s “Fall Apart” is the perfect track. Not only are the lyrics relatable, but it is sonically pleasing to the nth degree.

Nicholas Mick kicks off the track with somber lyrics about leaving his significant other and how his relationship fell apart, hence the title of the track. Mick’s vocals pop through the mix perfectly, displaying his wide range and passion for the subject.

Prentiss comes in with his tranquilizing chorus that makes you feel as if you are floating in the clouds, yet the lyrics bring you back to the harsh realities of heartbreak and the end of a relationship.

In the end, both Nicholas Mick and Prentiss have undeniable chemistry and unique vocals that will certainly put them in the spotlight in 2022.

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