Noah Richardson Starts 2022 on the Right Note With, “Painful”

Ian Hansen

Philadelphia native, Noah Richardson, brings his first single of the year, with the dreamy, relaxing, and atmospheric, “Painful.” Richardson continues his style of beautiful minimalist production and laid back vocals, but “Painful” feels different from other tracks of his in the past. While it is very minimal in nature, the way his vocals hit higher registers throughout the chorus bring a certain energy that makes me feel like I’m on the top of the world.

The guitar is simple but compliments his vocals perfectly. Part of that comes from the raw emotion he is displaying through his somber messages which most people can relate to. The way he sings, “I make mistakes when I’m lonely,” just for the beat to ride out put so much emphasis on the emotion.

Keep an eye out for Noah Richardson, as he continues to drive his momentum and musical palette forward.

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