NUFFER Begins a New Chapter with His Debut Single, “Big Brain”

Olive Soki

Having spent most of his career either honing his craft or contributing to other musicians' catalogs (Fashion Jackson and UMI, just to name a few) it is finally time for Jake Nuffer to release music of his own. Launching his solo career – and reintroducing himself as NUFFER – Jake is ready to let loose and do what he does best, starting with his debut single, “Big Brain.”

Explosive and colorful, “Big Brain’ is a dissonant daydream. Putting his spin on your favorite indie-rock sound, he’s combined the genre's best features, and is now presenting it on a silver platter. Sharp, despite its smooth edges. Distorted yet impeccably clear. It is difficult to pin down exactly where the pleasure starts or ends. But one thing’s for sure, I want more.

Inspired by his desires to turn away from the prescribed path to success and give into the pursuit of happiness, “Big Brain” perfectly depicts the sentiment both musically and lyrically. Between the wonky riffs, unexpected post-chorus breakdowns, and his commentary on the "Big Brain" condition, (“If I got a degree, maybe I could lose any reasoning”) there is so much to hear, yet not enough time to process, that replaying feels like the sensible thing to do.

A product of both years of field experience and intensive jazz education, NUFFER has a lot to offer. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait much longer as his debut EP A-OK is expected to be released August 16th. A project infused with his eclectic style, and commentary on questionable music conventions, A-OK is definitely an experience well worth the wait.

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