Overcast N Friends Sold Out Philly Show Was a Massive Success

Perry Avgerinos

Having grown up in the Philly area and currently still living here, I was hyped when I saw our friends at Overcast were throwing their first show ever in my area. For those not from Philly, you have to understand that even though we are usually a staple market for artists to hit while on their North American tours, the music scene is still not quite that of a New York or Los Angeles market just yet in my opinion. So it's not every day that there's a show that I actually would want to attend. Considering the community and fanbase that music production and media company Overcast has built over the past few years – using music videos to help kickstart the careers of brakence, ericdoa, glaive, midwxst, Zac Greer, Koi and others – I knew I had to be there.

The first thing to note is the show was sold out. And not just "sold out" – but fully packed to the brim. To sum it up, it was a ton of internet kids who were finally meeting each other in person for the first time. For most of the artists performing, this was one of, if not their first ever performance too. The lineup consisted of Koi, Zac Greer, aldn, midwxst, brakence, and Aries – all artists that contain somewhat of an overlap with their sounds, yet with their own sub-lanes respectively. I want to note Overcast's thoughtfulness in the set design they did on stage, implementing some props including plants, and different lighting setups for each artist, tying in the music video feel to the live space. Very cool.

If there's one thing that was confirmed from this night, is that the community Overcast has built is highly supportive, positive, and full of life. When headliner Aries performed, he asked the crowd to raise their hand if they were from Philly. I would say about 10% of hands (including mine) went up. When he asked who had come to the show from out of state, 90% of hands shot up with an eruption in cheers, only to learn from talking to some people, that many had travelled from all over the world to be there. brakence seemed to be the main driving factor for a lot of people in attendance, yet every single artist had kids moshing and singing along to every word throughout their entire set, clearing showing the fan overlap.

These were the die hard fans of these artists in attendance, and my gut tells me they would have traveled to the middle of South Dakota if the event was thrown there too. Big congrats to the entire Overcast team, and if you had some fomo from this show, make sure to catch their next one.

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