Zac Greer Is Not Slowing Down with Latest Release “onetwo”

Audrey Brandes

Riding on the heels of his successful EP, headaches, and popular single “melatonin,” Zac Greer continues to prove his versatility and song-writing chops with new track, “onetwo.” The overwhelmingly catchy love song draws rock influences, touches of R&B, pop production, and culminates with clever lyricism. Gentle guitar melodies, snappy drums, and building snare beats pull this track together, growing incrementally with each climatic chorus. Greer meets at the intersection of coffee-house-hero and radio hit-maker on this track, baring a sense of vulnerability as he sings “I can’t pretend that I don’t even want you,” while maintaining a cool and collected air.

The Arizona-based artist’s sound continues to grow, and it’s obvious that he’s mastered the art of creating earworm-worthy hooks. Zac Greer’s an artist to watch, as each release appears better than the last. Ever-evolving and never slowing down, “onetwo” is a track that solidifies Greer’s artistry and proves that he’s not going anywhere.

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