Paris Texas Announces Their Debut Project Alongside Their New Single "FORCE OF HABIT"

Tyler Borland

The South Central duo, Paris Texas, quickly became one of the most exciting new artists from their debut single “HEAVY METAL” and its accompanying music video. The track featured hard-hitting guitar with rap verses that matched this eccentric energy. Members, Louie Pastel and Felix, traded verses with witty wordplay and distinct cadences. The outro of the music video showed the incredible versatility of the two as the video faded out to a slow-burning Alternative ballad. The follow up single, “SITUATIONS,” was completely unexpected but in the best way possible. Paris Texas proved that they can make risky, experimental hip hop tracks that each sound different from the last – but still embody the personality and high quality that fans have come to expect.

The duo is back with my personal favorite single titled, “FORCE OF HABIT.” The track blends elements of rock and hip hop in a similar fashion to “HEAVY METAL,” but the track takes a more mellow tone. Louie Pastel and Felix are at their most confident with the chorus “I walk around like I’m the shit, I guess that it’s a force of habit” ringing off throughout the track. The music video is equally as captivating as Paris Texas seems to be hitting their stride both artistically and visually.

With the release of “FORCE OF HABIT,” Paris Texas announced their debut project BOY ANONYMOUS, out on May 14th. With their first three singles being as genre-fluid, experimental, and catchy – it’s difficult to predict exactly where they will go with this full-length debut. BOY ANONYMOUS has become one of my most anticipated projects of the year, so make sure to check out “FORCE OF HABIT” before the full project drops.

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