Rock Out with Madelline in Her New Single “opinions”

Seba Cowsill

Singer/songwriter Madelline has made her return after a brief hiatus, with an explosive, badass attitude on full display in new track and visual, “opinions”. It’s a fun, energetic, pop punk track, perfect for any fan of artists like Avril Lavigne or Hayley Williams. Madelline works with director Chloe Sirois to express this energy in her video, and delivers the “Great. Now ask me if I care?” attitude of the song as beautifully blunt as possible.

While Madelline’s strong character has always been on display in previous releases, this one shows a very different side to her and her musical abilities. Typically going for a darker, grittier aesthetic, “opinions'' has a welcoming, head-banging, upbeat rockabilly to it. It’s definitely the most poppy from her repertoire to date – mixing the best of the pop punk genre she’s clearly inspired by. It’s still experimental and fresh though, and an exciting new peek at Madelline, who will hopefully continue to explore this feel in upcoming releases.

Another thing she gets from the genre though, that’s transparent throughout her repertoire, is the no f’s given attitude – only the best punk artists can properly flex – and Madelline is no different. In fact, that’s what this song is all about. “opinions'' is all about the lack of care she has for them. It’s not clear as to who she doesn’t care to hear them from in the song, and that feels purposeful. While the video depicts it as the producer, the lyrics feel broad, like they could be, and probably are, aimed at anyone and everyone around her. While telling whoever it is at the given moment she doesn’t care, she’s dancing, singing, and having a good time in the accompanying visuals, giving an even more fun flair to an already exciting, enjoyable track.

As soon as I listened to this I knew it was a standout hit. I don’t get excited like this often, but I could scream and shout about the star I think she’ll be all day long. It’s exciting to know this is only the first of hopefully a few standout singles in an undoubtedly successful EP rollout. Checkout her new song and video today, and hopefully you’ll see the magic that I do too.

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