The China Blue Returns with Long-Awaited Single “Nervous”

Carter Fife

Today singer/songwriter/producer The China Blue returns with his newest single and visual of 2021, “Nervous”. Though a few months have passed since the Massachusetts multi-hyphenate graced fans with his last single “Mistakes”, The China Blue hits the ground running in 2021 with his explosive new single. With an accompanying visual directed by Macky Macguire, “Nervous” sees The China Blue meditating over the unfortunate end of a long term relationship.

When “Nervous” first crossed my path weeks ago, I knew that I had heard something special. Though at the time I described the track as “like if All Time Low made the Yugioh GX theme song,” I knew that there was much more at work in this new The China Blue banger. The China Blue – also known as Seth Marques - dives into a wide range of influences and styles on his newest cut, exploring areas like 80’s power ballads, synthpop, and even modern experimental production. What makes “Nervous” even more impressive is that the entire track was written and self-produced by Marques himself, featuring mixing and mastering assistance from artist H3X in the process. Even with all those aspects compounded together, what remains the focal point of “Nervous” is simply The China Blue’s incredibly powerful vocal performance.

With a truly unique sound under his belt, the video for “Nervous” displays our hero beaten and bruised wandering around a city one moment, and ruminating alone in a restroom the next. Macguire’s overlapping clips of TCB helps convey the hopelessness and dismay that frequently accompanies dilemmas like this, and together this video proves that Marques is an artist full of potential waiting to be tapped into.

Though fans will likely be hungry for more after watching “Nervous”, they will be happy to know that The China Blue is currently working on an upcoming EP titled The Last Several Months. Focusing on his most recent experiences, The China Blue revealed that he actually “ended up scrapping [a lot of] previous demos” while making it, ensuring that his next work will be his most cohesive and forward-thinking yet. Until The China Blue’s next release, “Nervous” will be certain to stay in your weekly rotation.

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