dempsey hope’s Newest Single “on my mind” Shines with Positivity

Carter Fife

Back with his second single of 2021, dempsey hope returns this week with “on my mind,” a blindingly optimistic single for your springtime playlists. Though not much time has passed since his last single “autumn,” dempsey hope shows no signs of slowing down this year with his newest electro-pop banger. Providing fans with a perfect blend of romantic positivity and earnest vulnerability – with a dash of his signature clever songwriting – “on my mind” will be certain to stay in your weekly rotation for the foreseeable future.

With dempsey hope’s blend of ethereal pads and powerful piano chords, “on my mind” conveys a sort of hypnotic joy that makes it a very welcome addition among our new spring releases. Singing about a romance that he can’t take his mind off, dempsey’s optimism is infectious to the point where I feel the need to listen to a few Beach House tracks to even myself out. Pairing his cheerful emotional register with the electro-pop percussion in “on my mind,” dempsey hope’s newest track is the perfect love song for anybody, whether or not they currently have a relationship like his. Following the release of “on my mind,” dempsey hope certainly has ravenous fans eagerly awaiting more new music. With his undeniable work-ethic, I’m sure dempsey hope has something in the works, but until then I’m totally content spinning “on my mind” before that day comes. Check out “on my mind” below and let us know your thoughts.

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