Peach Tree Rascals Bring Fans Some “Good Advice” with New Single

Ian Hansen

It’s pure. It’s full of good vibes. It’s simply a great song. San Jose band, Peach Tree Rascals, just released their first track of 2022 with “Good Advice.” The versatile group can’t be put in a box, as they know to effortlessly morph genres into their own unique style.

“Good Advice” is no different, as it goes from the uplifting pop-esque chorus to exceptional bars in the verse. “Go 'head and pick yourself up, don't need no one else. Take my advice, I know you'll be okay,” is as uplifting of a chorus that you’ll get over a bouncy piano melody and a rippling bass that ultimately completes the track.

Peach Tree Rascals has yet to put out a song you can’t bop your head to or at the very least have you relating to their clever songwriting. While Peach Tree Rascals already has a few smash hits in their catalogue, they are only scratching the surface of their potential, and “Good Advice” is a perfect start to their 2022 plans.

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