PmBata’s New Track Will Become Your New “favorite song”

Rachel Guttman

Today, 21-year-old rising musician PmBata, formally known as Parker Bata, released his first single, “favorite song” since signing with 300 Entertainment. Most recently, Parker, who is currently studying at the University of Central Missouri, was featured on Dream’s song, “Roadtrip” in February, which went viral, accumulating over 50 million streams. Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Parker was constantly surrounded by music. Raised by two band directors, Parker was exposed to music at a very early age with his natural ear for music running in his blood. He loved to listen to primarily jazz and radio music as a child, during which he discovered some of his favorite artists such as Chance the Rapper and Mac Miller. Listening to some of the world's best musicians inspired Parker to learn how to rap and produce. He's since come a long way, with multiple songs in his catalog having over a million streams on Spotify.

"favorite song” is an upbeat RnB/Pop track, which was both written and produced by Parker. He explains that it is all about, “how it feels when your significant other says your name.” Furthermore, he describes that, “it sounds different than anyone else saying your name, so I compared it to a song… my favorite song.” His piece is a simply a vibe – born for the clubs, making you want to dance and sing along to his catchy earmworm hooks. Parker switches off between singing and rapping, displaying his natural flair for both. He definitely demonstrates less rap influence in this track, with most of his former songs consisting of primarily rap influence.

With the release of “favorite song,” Parker also dropped a music video, in which he casted his real-life girlfriend to play his love interest. Bata is also currently gearing up for the release of a highly anticipated full-length project. Listen and watch the music video for PmBata’s new track, “favorite song” below:

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