Tapped In: The Image

Conner Crosby

In 2018, two talented artists with rich resumes and even richer passions for their craft met. Not long after, The Image was born. The duo, consisting of @watrcup and @franskiiz, channel the bold, borderline-cacophonic nature of today’s popular music conventions into a pleasantly refined yet absurd take on alternative pop. This is also true of the duo’s literal public image; note the masks they wear.⁣

Their latest single, “Beaujolais,” tastefully plays into the music industry’s tropes of fun and fame, flexing on us all with playfully aggressive bars about the excitement and chaos in their lives. Their flows are tight and melodic, guiding the listener through the hard-hitting verses and what might be one of the catchiest hooks of 2020.⁣

What’s more, the pair have doubled down on the darkly surrealist edge hinted at in their music with a new music video for the track. The visuals are hypnotic, featuring the duo dancing about against a backdrop of powerful images of excess and violence. In an explosive conclusion, the video nods at the film adaptation of Mark Millar’s “Kingsman” comics, which were illustrated by Dave Gibbons. Gibbons also illustrated Alan Moore’s “Watchmen”, the apparent inspiration behind the Image’s masks. Go check out this spectacular piece of artistry on YouTube below.

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