Kill Jasper Puts His Unparalleled Talent on Display in New Single, “Muddy Flow”

Rachel Guttman

If you haven’t heard of Kill Jasper yet, then today is the perfect chance for you to learn his name. Jasper immediately caught my attention last year when I heard his track, “Kill Intro,” and he's been a consistent listen for me since. Having only dropped a few songs to date, the 19-year-old artist from Compton, California, has been making waves with his unique vocal style and boundless diversity in flows. With the hip hop genre quickly becoming oversaturated, Jasper truly sets himself apart through his snappy beats, dynamic melodies, and formative range.

“Muddy Flow,” emphasizes Jasper’s potential to ooze into the mainstream conscious of modern rap. The song exhibits his wide range of musical capabilities through his ability to ride drum pockets, and grasp your attention with his emotive vocal tone. This balance has become a staple for Jasper, with each song he drops becoming his catchiest yet.

It's clear to me that Jasper is not afraid to take risks with his music and I think he is well on his way to becoming a top tier artist. Take this opportunity to check out “Muddy Flow" below as Kill Jasper continues his rise in the rap world and beyond.

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