Rence Tackles Overthinking in “Endless” [Premiere]

Rachael Jansky

With so much downtime, it’s easy to get stuck in an endless cycle of hypotheticals and overthinking. The inevitable, and sometimes frequent, quarter-life crises feel heightened amidst an unprecedented time of uncertainty.

In his latest single “Endless,” Rence explores life’s ambiguities while feeling trapped in a mundane routine. Rence expertly balances the heavy subject matter of the track with its upbeat and hypnotic production, integrating elements of pop and hip-hop. The chorus features layered vocals, creating a chant that counters the isolation Rence wrestles with in the song.

In his own words:

“This  song  tries  to  grapple  with  big questions about my place within the world and the universe. It attempts to come to grips with how fame and success affect someone, and how one changes over time, especially as each day begins to feel like the last. Though I started this song long ago, it was brought to conclusion during these last few months, which I have felt the most ‘endless’ period of my life so far. Months passed by both quickly and incredibly slowly,  and  that duality  only  raised  more  questions.  Inevitably,  however,  the answers to these questions don’t come – the questions themselves are endless. But we keep on, determined to stick.”

Between his impressive string of singles and collaborations with artists including Sarah Barrios, Chloe Lilac, and Alex Port, Rence solidified his status as an artistic chameleon. “Endless” further exemplifies his versatility and talent and marks the beginning to a promising year of more great music.

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