Who is Riovaz?

Perry Avgerinos

New Jersey native Riovaz is quickly gaining attention around his 2020 release "Prom Night," and for good reason.

Over an uptempo glossy guitar beat (produced by babyumi), Riovaz hooks in listeners with his enchanting chorus, sung in a way that seeps deep into your subconscious, only realizing it's stuck in your head when you find yourself humming the melody hours later. There's a stylistic rawness to his voice, minimally processed, complimenting the simplistic production, making it easier for fans to learn the words. His slightly chanting tone adds emphasis to his lyrics, a style of singing that would translate well in a live setting.

Riovaz has shown an array of styles in his other releases, ranging in influence from Hip Hop and R&B, to Pop and Indie. The young artist definitely has potential, with "Prom Night," already amassing over a million streams, with some help from a TikTok he posted yesterday of the song. Listen to "Prom Night" below.

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