Rosie Darling’s Poeticism Won’t Be “Lost On You”

Kieran Kohorst

We’re all familiar with the expression of “the world’s smallest violin,” symbolic of the exaggeration that may be used by someone to gain sympathy. In the music video for her latest single “Lost On You,” Rosie Darling sits at perhaps the world’s smallest piano, but she’s not looking for pity — she’s just telling it how it is. “Every breath feels like deja vu / How can I move on if it's not with you?” she sings rhythmically, a question delivered with an earnesty that supersedes any clichés. The track plays into Darling’s instinctive strengths: a crescendoing ballad driven by an affably melancholic piano, the melody mimicking that of the keys.

The full scope of the song is captured in the accompanying visual, filmed in the snow-covered heights of the Olympic Mountains in Washington state. “This video is special to me because we got to take a week to hang out and shoot in Washington state,” Darling shares. “We were driving around and stumbled upon this snowy area… It was so serendipitous because snow goes along with this song’s overall meaning. The snow acts as a blanket that can weigh you down and feel heavy. ‘Lost On You’ is about feeling weighed down by all this heaviness and loss, so I love that imagery.” As the song builds, its emotional influence is likely to overwhelm. Even at its musical apex, “Lost On You” is anchored by its two strongest forces: the keys of the piano and the quiet pain stabilizing Darling’s voice.

"This song is about grieving a loss,” explains the Boston-born artist. “I think sometimes when things end there is still a lot of love there but just nowhere for it to go, and that can feel complicated and scary. I wrote this to help me sort through those feelings and I hope it reaches others to help them wherever they are in their process of grieving as well." Darling collaborated with Justin Gammella, Sweater Beats, and Yianni AP to create the empathetic anthem. “Lost On You” is her first release of 2023, following up her EP Golden Age of last year. Growth remains the mindset for Darling, and you can hear it both personally and musically on the track. She’s joined Ashley Kutcher for a string of shows this year, winning over fans as she works her way towards a debut album in the near future.

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