Russ Reiss Continues to Drop Jaws This Year with New Single “headspins”

Seba Cowsill

The energy in Utah-bred, Russ Reiss’s new song cannot be contained. Similar to his debut track “you & your friends” released almost a month ago, “headspins'' is another quick-paced, action packed, widely energetic pop single. We’re starting to learn more about who Russ is musically, and he’s only proving himself to be an absolute force of nature, with this new single “headspins” being his most impressive song to date.

“headspins” is an instantly attractive listen, mixing russ’s smooth vocal delivery over wicked production styles. The producer, Kyle Ramsay, created a really unique combination of pop, hyperpop, with even a bit of hyperpunk vibes, all contributing to the high velocity and vigorous sound of the song. Meanwhile, the lyrics of the song push this feeling forward. Throughout the track he talks about feeling stuck, like he’s been complacent with his own movement and growth, and is now starting to feel a deep, imminent, sinking feeling realizing he’s been stagnant for way too long. It feels almost as if he’s sinking in quicksand, and delivering the track halfway under, frantically looking for a way out.

It’s this masterclass combination of the track that blows me away. The message and delivery is on point in every facet of the track. All the elements really mirror and emphasize the feeling of the other well. It’s this level of understanding of how to build a complete concept that impresses me, especially when it’s only his second single release to date. There’s no telling where Russ Reiss will go in his career, but ultimately, undoubtedly, it’s all up from here.

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