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Sam Silver and A$AP Twelvyy Reunite, featuring pineappleCITI on Favorite Collaboration of 2021

Sam Silver and A$AP Twelvyy reunite for their single “Little After Sunset” with a feature by pineappleCITI. Each artist’s individual sounds go hard enough – but their collaboration is a match made in heaven.

Dropped on February 5th, this track has absolutely every element of a totally immersive and mesmerizing masterpiece. Starting off mellow, A$AP Twelvyy delivers laid back bars over a subtle EDM melody, relaying, “I woke up in Oakland at dawn.” It feels hazy, confused, as if you just woke up from a coma. As Twelvyy continues to rap, Silver’s melody and beats pick up, until he finally delivers one of the best beat drops I’ve ever heard. Period.

I swear this song is an instant adrenaline rush, all the while maintaining that groggy and laid-back vibe. pineappleCITI comes in and begins singing delicately, and intertwines with Twelvyy’s verses as if in a duet. As she sings, “Why can’t I leave you alone,” Twelvyy interjects, “I feel like forever a ghost.” To say it transports your mind to another wavelength is an understatement. The melody, lyrics, and beats provoke a completely visceral, full-body experience. It’s a rollercoaster, constantly taking the listener through unexpected highs and lows.

I can confidently say that this is my favorite drop of 2021 thus far. It truly is like nothing I’ve ever heard before. And I implore everyone to close their eyes, put in some headphones, and just listen.


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