Tapped In: She Loves Boon

Joe DelloStritto

She Loves Boon & Hadji Gaviota is the duo we didn’t know we needed. Along with a new single titled “Chef’s Kiss,” fans also get a music video for the track, and we’re tapped in. The video kicks off with a couple walking the opposite direction of a sign reading “Cool Prom,” and into a room that reads “Wack Prom.” Awaiting the couple is She Loves Boon jamming out, and Hadji Gaviota serving up fruit punch (and later confiscating a Jack Daniels handle and getting drunk).

The video captures a bright aesthetic, matching both Hadji and Boons’ musical vibe. It’s funny, genuine, and it seems like the duo had quite the time putting it together. As for the song, “Chef’s Kiss” is an incredibly happy, freeing, sing-a-long anthem. In the chorus, She Loves Boon sings,

"The way you do me is chef’s kiss baby,

A girl like you I know she’d never miss,

Put the diamonds on your neck that’s big drip baby,

Tryna get like us and get like this."

Listen with caution, those lines may get stuck in your head. Boon takes you back to the early 2000s with his pop-rocker voice, and a beat that features an electric guitar and a simple drum kit. Still, a Hadji Gaviota verse is exactly what the song needed. After the second hook, Hadji drops in with rap-like flow, flaunting his lady. The rising pop singer raps,

"My shortie Emily, she sporty and rich

She’s bad now, will be even better when she’s 40 with kids."

The track is simply infectious. Listen to it the right away and click on the music video below, and catch a glimpse of She Loves Boon and Hadji’s personalities.

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