sam.sts Returns with His Exciting Song “No Pressure”

Ian Hansen

I first came across sam.sts when we played baseball together in high school. Yes, I went to high school with Sam and watching his development from releasing rap songs on SoundCloud to putting out alt-rock bangers like his recent song, “No Pressure” has been incredible to watch.

I have always admired Sam’s charisma on every one of his releases. He doesn’t try too hard to step in the shadow of other artists and makes music true to him and each song brings something new to the table. “No Pressure” is one of the most energetic and upbeat songs I have heard from Sam, as the rock progressions and animated guitar riffs over the top of his filtered vocals and cohesive deliveries make for a head-nodding, masterful tune.

Sam has always been one of the most creative minds I have had the pleasure of knowing in music and it shows every time he comes out with a song. I can’t wait to hear how he continues to innovate his sound because it is inevitable that he will.

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