Samaria Returns with Lush Vocals on New Single, "Still Got 4ever"

Sundhya Alter

Known for her soulful slow jams and ethereal delivery, Samaria has begun gaining large-scale attention as an R&B artist, intriguingly subtle, the rising artist plays with easy flowing harmonies that simultaneously assert a “heart-over-head” approach to relationships. In her new release “Still Got 4ever” the Bay Area artist reconciles with the give and take of loyalty and self sacrifice, and finding peace in fighting for something you love even, if it means potentially setting your ego aside.

In a spiritual delivery, Samaria challenges the human constructed concept of limited time. Instead of throwing something away because of its imperfections, she encourages us to slow down and find beauty in a love strong enough to endure the test of time. In her new single, Samaria's effortlessly indomitable vocals guide the equally assertive bass, both contributing to a seductive dance between the vocal performance and the minimal use of instruments.

Pursuing a forceful conveyance, her vocals exert self-assured individuality, however with a modest back and forth of her lyrics, “Wrote me off, leave it be, since you hurt enough just whatever you do, don’t go.” Samaria makes room for the duality of a partnership, and the loyalty within self sacrifice. Throughout the entire track, her vocals are stubborn but subdued, illuminating the dichotomy in knowing your worth while relinquishing your pride for what you love.

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