Shawn Mathews Creates the Perfect Groove for the Summer Mood in New Single “Honest”

Seba Cowsill

Shawn Mathews has made this year all his, starting with his previous release “Sunshine," an infectiously bright indie pop track. Now he returns with a new groovy, sensational track “Honest," that is just as bright and fun as the last. The instrumentation and vocal delivery are just as sweet as we’re used to. This time though, they come with a little bit more groove than usual, with an upbeat, funky bass line driving the song forward. This coupled with jazzy guitar melodies gives the whole song a new vibe we’ve only heard a couple other times from Shawn, but this time better than ever.

Along with it are well-written, sweet, lovey-dovey lyrics about the person Shawn has his eye on. It’s the quintessential bow to an already satisfying listen. “Honest” is the perfect song to add to your rotation with clear skies and warm weather ahead, and proves Shawn Mathews is an artist you shouldn’t keep your eyes off of. He’s making a splash to say the least, and is only going to improve – and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

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