she loves boon Is Cultivating a New Sound With 'emotional trap' [Album Review]

Ian Hansen

When I listen to she loves boon’s recent album, emotional trap, I feel like I can mosh to every single song while simultaneously laying down in bed, closing my eyes, and enjoying every layer each track has to offer. I can’t say that about a lot of music right now.

There is something so entrancing about the sound on this project. It mixes pop, EDM, hyperpop, rap, and pretty much any genre you can think of. This is a project that is ahead of its time and it’s only a matter of time until people catch on.

The intro, “honest,” sets the tone about the duality each track has to offer. The energy in his vocals is superb, while the production is hypnotic. “everything ab u” has this repetitive melody on loop that boon raps effortlessly on. Another highlight on this album is the ambient, energetic, and otherworldly, “worthless.”

Every track has its own atmosphere and different layers that would require me to write a book to explain. Trust my word and check this project out. It’s against the norm of mainstream music at the moment, but it’s true art in its purest form, and she loves boon is one of the most innovative artists I’ve come across in the last year.

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