sim_bex Drops Haunting Single, “blood_thinner”

Audrey Brandes

I’m convinced sim_bex is not of this world. Her sound is original, refreshing, and falls somewhere in the realm of cyber goth and classic alternative. However you classify it, all I know is that it’s good. Really good.

Her breakout single, “psychic” is downright hypnotic, bringing in Indie, Emo Rap and dark Pop influences, and her recent release, “blood_thinner” brings in all of those elements and more. Sim_bex’s somber lyricism coupled with her beautifully eerie voice makes her addicting to listen to, almost transporting one to another dimension. “blood_thinner,” is her latest single— an eerily gorgeous song that brings in post-apocalyptic themes— weirdly fitting for the current state of the world.

As she sings, “Tomorrow I hope I wake up as the last one on earth,” the dark lyricism sounds oddly comforting coming from such an entrancing voice. With only three singles available on Spotify, I’m craving more from sim_bex. Once you give her a listen, I’m confident you will too.

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