Skuffle’s 'Underrated' Highlights One of Atlanta’s Brightest Upcoming Stars [EP Review]

Carter Fife

There’s a reason why Atlanta has remained one of the largest cultural hotspots in hip-hop, because the city continually delivers the culture a stream of young innovative artists that are practically foaming at the mouth to make a name for themselves. Among the Atlanta underground’s most promising upcoming stars is Skuffle, who delivers fans a new five track EP this month with the release of Underrated. Whether or not you’ve had Skuffle on your radar before now, Underrated will be sure to show you the untapped potential of one of Atlanta’s most promising artists before he blows up.

One of the biggest appeals to Underrated is how incredibly varied many of the project's tracks are. The opener “Undefeated” sounds like something Valee and Young Dolph would make in the year 3021, with Skuffle effortlessly delivering a low-key and southern-flavored performance over an ethereal and futuristic hip-hop mix. Though some moments during Underrated brief runtime show influence from artists like O.T. Genasis, Chief Keef, and a host of Skuffle’s peers – Skuffle provides his own take on both an Atlanta and a national hip-hop sound that is entirely his own. Tracks like “Going” highlight not only Skuffle’s own enviable versatility, but also the fact that he stands alone in his own artistic lane. As it stands, nobody is doing it quite like him, so it certainly seems like it’s only a matter of time until he reaches the hip-hop mainstream.

With more music likely planned for the future, things are certainly looking bright for Skuffle following the release of Underrated. Already having been picked up by a few of our fellow editorial peers – Skuffle is primed to make a hefty impact with his latest release. Even if this is the first time you’ve heard about the young Atlanta artist, now is the perfect time to become a fan.

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