Smile High Releases Essential Jazz-Hop Pack on 'The Vibetape' [Album Review]

Milly Wensley

Who doesn't love jazz-infused hip-hop tracks ranging from laid back to high energy? One of my favorite genre blends comes from jazz and hip-hop the production, flow, and lyricism this combo produces is unmatched. If this sounds like your kind of music then 'The Vibetape' is what you need to listen to. As the latest release from Smile High, jazz-hop producer and The Main Squeeze keyboardist, the tape boasts ten well-crafted tracks to immerse you into this soundscape. 

Bringing in a wide range of amazing collaborators such as 6LACK, Abhi The Nomad, and Felly Smile High brought out the best of the scene. All tracks were made in collaboration with the five-piece jam band The Main Squeeze providing eclectic instrumentals throughout the whole project. This album serves as a playlist in itself, you can press play and each track flows nicely into the next, no skips might I add. I love it when a project feels like a well-thought-out package of music from start to finish, Smile High has achieved this without a doubt. 

To highlight a few favorite listens I’ll start with “Real” brought to you in collaboration with Tiffany Gouche and Abhi The Nomad. This track is dynamic, bouncy, and heavily hip-hop-inspired. Abhi The Nomad’s verse provides a great duality for the choir-like chorus. Additionally “I Love It When You” with Chuck Inglish and Lando Chill is a more upbeat selection off the tape while also more hip-hop leaning. I’ve been a fan of Chuck Inglish for some time and think he was a great choice for this project as is Lando Chill. Lastly “All For You” with Felly and Tia P is a slightly slower more Jazzy and R&B-inspired track. I love the way these two sound together, they both have a laid-back effortless way of delivering vocals. 

All in all, there’s a wide range of genres, artists, and overall vibes across this tape. Without a doubt, you’ll find something fit for your playlist! Be sure to dive deep into this one exploring not only Smile High, but all the amazing underground acts he pulled together for this project! 

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