's Second Sunset Session Was An Evening To Remember [Concert Review]

Miles Opton

1,000 feet above sea level there lies an open space nestled in the Malibu hills, hugged by rocky mountains, green foliage (when there’s not a drought, smh), and a panoramic view of the pacific ocean. Only recently moving to L.A., I thought this type of scenic spot would be limited to road-side pull-offs or millionaire’s estates. Luckily, the music brand Sparky proved me wrong. Hosting their second “Sunset Session” this past Saturday, I found myself at the concert of my dreams. With four artists delivering versatile performances, a taco truck, local vendors from a custom rug maker to a succulent stand, and the neighbors stopping by to listen, you could say the vibes were immaculate. 

The Sparky team told me, “Our vision is to break away from the crowd and bring together our community in nature and music,” a goal which was certainly accomplished. With a beautiful atmosphere and intimate setting, this Sunset Session was a place for music lovers to gather and take a break from the chaos of real life. The team also told me this is only the beginning of the concert series, stating “We’re getting better and building this concept to eventually be a music festival in the area.” With a quickly growing community, this doesn’t look out of sights in the near-future. Follow Sparky on Instagram for updates on this vision. 

Let’s dive into the line-up:

Khi Infinite

Khi Infinite kicked off the show with a bang. Featuring a diverse mix of tracks from his more R&B-heavy releases like “Lucy” and “LOVE FOR YAH” to his melodic hip-hop tracks “MISSED CALLS” and “DRUG OF LOVE,” Khi put his versatility on full display. First featuring Khi in February, 2021, for his track “Sometimes,” we’ve always been big fans. Now seeing his high-energy performance in person, we’re cementing him in the Sheesh hall of fame. 


Up next, blessing us with relaxation and great style, R&B singer/songwriter Amaria entered the stage. Confidently performing with buttery melodic flows, Amaria embodied the meaning of a Sunset Session by lowering all of our heart-rates. Playing with harpist Sara Kawai on tracks from “Lose Control” to “Twilight,” Amaria proved her music extended far past her studio sessions. As the sun began to go down, the skies turned an orange hue and Amaria sang us into a bliss.

Unusual Demont

Walking into golden hour, 22-year-old Unusual Demont entered with a presence as big as his sound. One of the fastest-growing names in the R&B scene, the crowd filled the canyon with applause and good energy. A perfect blend of Amaria’s vocal grace and Khi’s precise flows, Demont grooved to his eclectic tracks while the sun submerged into the hills. Sporting intricate recordings with layers that would seem hard to imitate live, I was pleasantly surprised by the full sound Demont brought to the session. With a tight band and detail-oriented arrangements, no note was left out of his hit-studded setlist. Playing grooves like “PINE” and “AMBER,” and slower atmospheric tracks like “PURPLE,” Demont displayed his full range to close out the evening strong. 

Make sure to follow all of the artists on socials and check out their music!

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