Spotify Acquires Talk App “Locker Room” to Build Rival App to “Clubhouse”

Rachel Guttman

Spotify has now entered the social audio app space with their recent acquisition of talk app “Locker Room,” in order to compete with the latest buzzing audio app “Clubhouse.” According to Spotify, fans have been asking for live talk formats on Spotify for some time now. They want to make this feature available to creators, listeners, and fans on their platform worldwide, furthering their domination as an all around audio platform. As a result of recent consumer demands, the chairman of Spotify, Daniel Ek, explained to the public that their popular music streaming service is now interested in the concept of adding social features to their services. Because they are a music streaming service, they are definitely aware of the recent developments in the audio industry.

On March 30, 2021, Spotify announced their arrival into the social-audio industry by way of their acquisition of Betty Labs, which is the creator of the “Locker Room” application. “Locker Room” is a sports-focused talk app, yet Spotify’s acquisition aims to expand their business into the live talk audio industry. In the next few months, people can expect a new app which will be enhanced for both creators and fans, offering a new live talk experience with a variety of categories for consumers such as; sports, culture, and music. In addition, it will offer live connections from professional athletes, musicians, and more to audiences and fans. Spotify overall aims to join forces with Betty Labs to continue to build the future of audio.

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