Who is Piwa?

Perry Avgerinos

Hailing from the "windy city" of Chicago, Illinois, soul-injecting R&B artist Piwa can't be slept on any longer. I could do an injustice by comparing Piwa to other dominant female R&B artists, but the reality is Piwa has found a sound of her own.

Whether you are an avid R&B fan or not, with a listen to Piwa's enchanting vocal charisma, you'll notice her music touches you, in the most gentle way. With her most recent release, "Be Right Back," Piwa asserts an undisturbed flow and charm throughout her verses, sprinkling in an early-2000's inspired sound that's been missing for what feels like quite literally two decades. Her vocal tone varies in pitch, keeping you on your toes, engaged throughout the full 2 minutes and 54 seconds.

"Be Right Back" is a perfect introduction track to Piwa's sound, so give it a listen below.

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