Stop Light Observations Search for an Understanding on “Let Me Go”

Kieran Kohorst

The push and pull of a relationship requires a delicate balance for both participants, as you don’t want to underestimate the fragility of any connection. Never wanting to say too much can easily give way to not saying enough, and it's almost impossible to know when you’ve hit each respective threshold. If you often find yourself in this predicament, or one adjacent to it, you might find some solace in the balancing act at the heart of Stop Light Observations’ latest single, “Let Me Go”.

Making comments from a thousand feet above ground (literally), lead vocalist William Blackburn goes back and forth in his mind with his partner: “I’m making it easy / To let you know / …You’re making it harder / To let me go,” he peruses on the chorus, his voice strained but with enough charisma to induce a sing along after the first verse. The liberties of the band overtake the track about two minutes in, fully embellishing the lyrics in an environment that seems to have its own pulse. “Let Me Go” develops naturally and satisfyingly, not quite a slow burn but certainly tempered in its evolution. Each subsequent listen grows easier and more intoxicating, a divine experience you won’t soon outgrow.

Born out of Charleston, SC, Stop Light Observations includes Blackburn and is completed by Noah Jones (keys), Will Mahoney (guitar), James Rubush (guitar), Cam Wescott (bass), and Oleg Teretiev (drums). “Let Me Go” is their first release of 2023 as the band is gearing up to hit the road, playing an incredulous amount of dates across the country as the year wears on. Their latest single is worth the price of admission, and you certainly won’t be sold short on the accompanying music in Stop Light Observations’ discography that will appear on the setlist.

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