Surf Mesa and Bipolar Sunshine Join Forces to Make Listeners “Lose Their Minds” in Upbeat New Single

Rachel Guttman

Powell Aguirre, better known by his stage name Surf Mesa, is the 21-year-old LA-based electronic musician who took the world by storm with his addictive 2019 track “ILY (I Love You Baby)." Undoubtedly one of the most exciting electronic producers today (if you don’t believe us, ask Billboard, who nominated him for best electronic artist this year), Mesa is on a wave of energy, that can't be stopped. Today, he spreads that wealth with his new track, “Lose My Mind,” which features vocals from the Grammy-winning Bipolar Sunshine, an English singer and songwriter known for his song “Whole Heart” with Gryffin.

“Lose My Mind” is as euphoric as the title suggests. Primed to be blasted at festivals this summer, Surf Mesa hones in on a melodic, in-your-feels production style, laying the foundation for Bipolar Sunshine's silvery warm vocals to float right on top. Surf Mesa described that "“Lose My Mind,” is a song about desire and the loss of control that follows when you have strong feelings for someone.” The captivating and feel-good rhythm allows listeners to both connect with this message while simultaneously lose their minds having fun with friends.

If you suddenly get goosebumps and feel an urge to get off the couch and dance, don't worry – this is a completely normal symptom. Surf Mesa will also be playing his first-ever live shows in September in Los Angeles and New York City, giving listeners plenty of time to learn the lyrics to "Lose My Mind" to prepare their voices for the scream-singing that will ensue. Turn up the volume and blast "Lose My Mind" below.

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