Blinding Lights, Girls, and Youth Culture Have LAKE!'s Mind Feeling like a "Circus" in New Single

Perry Avgerinos

After debuting his first single earlier this year, 18 year old LAKE! returns to the Sheesh pages today, already sounding a bit more polished, and a bit more mature. With his latest release, "Circus," LAKE! displays a melodic showing, exuding a confident delivery from start to finish.

Over an emotive guitar-driven trap beat, LAKE! shows off his singing chops, riding the 808s effortlessly, laying down R&B/hip-hop flows comparing his fast-paced distraction-filled lifestyle to a cIrcus. LAKE! on the single said, "I'm explaining the truth behind the paraphernalia and things that go on in my life, saying how my mind is doing "flips" like someone in a circus." LAKE!'s vocal tone mixes seamlessly with the summery production, not too auto-tuned or processed like other singles within this genre style. Since his debut, LAKE! already is showing impressive progress, with "Circus," becoming our new favorite from him.

At just 18, LAKE! is at a primed age to make major strides with his career. In a youth-driven industry, attaining a following and fame comes at the intersection of many young artists still trying to figure themselves out as individuals, a potentially dangerous recipe for disaster. However, LAKE! takes his youth in stride, with a good head on his shoulders, not letting the girls and other distractions consume him. His ability to turn his experiences into a relatable coming of age story creates an addicting recipe for "Circus," to be a standout in your daily rotation this summer.

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